Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fall 2016

Wreath Designer from Etsy
The first day of fall is just around the corner! As each season changes, it seems appropriate to bring out something new in the studio, too. Check out some of the instruments, games, and pieces that are new to us this fall:

Labor Day = SALES! The local Guitar Center was having a fantastic sale. Some beautiful instruments were added to the percussion collection here. Filbert the Frog is already a favorite and loves his new home on the piano.

The fall recital is less than a month away, and everyone has been working tirelessly on their pieces! This recital will feature fall themed repertoire. Some of it is pictured above. Pieces not pictured came from Susan Paradis' site and Elena Cobb's publishing company. 

I recently spent a Sunday afternoon assembling some really fun games to use in lessons this fall. Several of them came from the Piano Game Club, which has been a fantastic resource since I subscribed a few months ago. Here are the names and sources of the others:

After attending Irina Gorin's inspiring Practical Piano Pedagogy Workshop last month, it has become a renewed goal to focus on review and learning of proper piano technique. I put together the Lucky Leaf Piano Technique Game pictured above to fit the fall theme, review technique with my beginning piano students, and to provide a fun alternative to scales. Also, my students love using poster tack, so I had to include it in this game!

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