Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Keep Calm and Carry On

Late spring is an especially busy time for piano teachers; spring recitals, policy updates, and examinations are at the forefront of their lives. Amidst all this activity, it is easy to feel stressed and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you thrive during this busy time of year.

Do. Drop. Delegate.

Last year, I received some invaluable advice on prioritizing from a local entrepreneur, Ryan Wade. He said, 
"Do. Drop. Delegate. Do--Look at the list and see what can be done in less than two minutes. Just do them and check them off to feel accomplished and revved to go. Then, tackle the important tasks with deadlines or time constraints. Finally, tackle the less important tasks. If you aren't able to get to everything on your list, then figure out what you can delegate or change."

Ryan went on to explain that when a entrepreneur does EVERYTHING, they are actually hindering their business' growth because they are wasting time and energy on areas that are not their expertise. For example, an amateur attempting to create a website can waste a lot of time on research and potentially make costly mistakes that could be avoided by hiring an experienced web designer that can achieve beautiful, cost-effective results in less time. 

Look into ways to delegate and use your time efficiently; this may mean hiring a cleaning service, contracting a graphic designer for your recital visuals, or ordering from a meal delivery service. 

My bullet journal
Use your planner (digital or analog) to help you keep track of everything and prioritize important tasks. This year, I've been using a bullet journal to help me stay on task in a simple and effective way. I have noticed a drastic change in focus and accomplishments.

Respect your health.

Include time in your schedule to eat regularly; bonus points if your meals are healthy! Remember to exercise, stay hydrated, and turn off your phone and think of something other than your studio/business. Better health -- better performance!