Saturday, January 14, 2017

5 Fun Winter Activities for Your Piano Studio

Beat the winter blues in your piano studio with these five (and mostly free) winter-themed activities and games!

Created by Piano with a Twist , this game is a perfect way to reinforce keyboard geography. I especially appreciate that it is simple, comes with everything that is needed to play, and requires minimal set up! 

If you have a moment, check out all of the other fantastic resources that this store offers.  Crazy PumpkinsSilly Apples, and Dragon Scales , and several others have been hugely popular in my studio! There are also other winter themed games that I will be purchasing soon and using in my own studio over the next two months.

Don't Break the Ice

Read more about this entertaining spin on the classic game and find the free PDF on Ms. Mangusso's site, I'll be putting one of these together over the weekend! 

Snowmen Flashcards (Picture from

Snowmen Flashcards

Wendy Stevens created these adorable snowmen flashcards. Sara Campbell, a fantastic blogger that I follow, recently shared a post explaining how she uses these cards in her studio. Her post inspired me to print out these cards, order some sand timers, and give these a try in my studio! Be sure to follow Wendy and Sara on Facebook for more brilliant ideas and resources!


A game that uses mini marshmallows as game markers from Teach Piano Today!  Follow this link to grab your own copy and learn how to play--it's super easy and sure to be a hit in your studio!

Music Lesson for Wintertime: Using The Piano Guys "Frozen" and Vivaldi's "Winter"

I'm a major advocate for incorporating listening activities into piano lessons and giving students the opportunity to hear piano repertoire that they may not have ever heard before. I also believe it's essential to listen to/watch other pianists perform to hear various interpretations of the same repertoire, to become inspired, to grow more aware of the elements of music, and much more. 

Gena Mayo generously shared her complete lesson plan on her site, This could easily be adapted as a brief activity in a piano lesson!

I would love to hear what winter-themed activities, resources, and games you like to use! Please share in the comments!

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