Thursday, January 21, 2016


The studio has been closed for the past month due to my maternity leave, but lessons and classes will be resuming next month. I've been busy preparing to teach again; the prize box has been stocked, the piano has been tuned*, and this interactive game called Compose Yourself has been ordered and is due to arrive any day! (Click here to read more about Compose Yourself.) I'm so excited to share what is planned for 2016 with you!

Survey Results

A few months ago, I sent out a survey to the students/parents in my studio and asked them to provide feedback about their overall experience in the studio and what changes they hoped to see in the future. There were many positive and helpful comments! 

As I reviewed the survey responses, I found that there were two improvements that parents really wanted to see implemented: 
  • Studio Service Projects, such as nursing home recitals
  • An online payment option
Steps have been taken to make sure these needs are being met. Starting this month, parents and students now have the option to make payments online, if they desire! I'm also planning to host a studio service project during the summer. 

Maternity Leave Assignments

Before I began my maternity leave, I created assignment sheets and filled folders with a plethora of theory worksheets, games, listening assignments, new pieces, lists of apps, and video lesson links. It took a lot of extra work to put them together, but my hope was that these folders would help music to still be a part of each student's week, even though lessons were on a brief hiatus. I've loved reading emails and messages from parents about their families playing some of the games together, watching the videos, and practicing the pieces! 

The goal for the video lessons was to provide an opportunity for visual and aural learners to see and hear the next few pieces in their method books. I purposefully kept them brief so that my youngest students could remain focused on whichever lesson they were watching. Making the video lessons was an eye-opening experience for me. I had to film them with my phone camera (not the best quality), late at night after my toddler was finally asleep, clearly dealing with pregnancy induced swelling in my hands, but I was able to hear myself teach and discovered ways that I can improve. This is one of my videos, "British Grenadiers Lesson": 

Other Opportunities for 2016
  • Lego Practice Incentive Project (February-March)
  • Beaded Bracelet Practice Incentive Project (April-May)
  • Guitar Lessons (Please contact me for more information)
  • Pen Pal opportunity with a piano studio in Finland (More info to come!)
  • Spring Recital 
I also have plans to attend a workshop for my continued education this summer and to purchase an iPad to augment my students' learning experience this fall. I'm looking forward to see what 2016 will bring!