Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 2015: Lewis Music Studio Class Updates


The intro to piano class has reached the halfway point of Session II. So far, we have learned about and notated quarter notes and quarter rests, practiced piano technique like curved hand position, firm fingertips, arm relaxation, echoed and created rhythm patterns, and know how to locate C, D, and E on the piano using animal props like these: 

This week, we will continue our work in My First Piano Adventures as we learn to play "Little Lost Kitty", a song written on C-D-E. If time permits, we will also play a game called Teddy Bear's Picnic. This game is from Learning for Little Fingers Piano School, and there was a special sale advertised on Facebook for the first three people to leave a comment. It was so adorable, that I couldn't pass it up! We will be using the C-D-E bears from this game and I printed out park backgrounds so that each student will have their own space to work. 


During this session, this class has enjoyed some of these activities:

Hurry, Hurry! Drive the Firetruck! 

This is sung to the tune of "Ten Little Indians". I have a firefighter hat that our "fire chief" can wear, and we pretend to drive, climb a ladder, and spray a hose on the fire!

Musical I Spy 

This is a game that my co-op taught me when I was a student teacher. I use a puppet to start a game of I Spy, and sing, "I spy something..." When a student correctly guesses what I've spied, they have a turn with the puppet and sing, "I spy something..." The students love this game! Using a puppet has really encouraged them to sing for me, and it's great to hear their clear voices. 

Cross the River
I put card stock circles on the blue rug in our classroom, and the students step across them as I play music in the background. When I pause the music, they have to freeze and try not to fall into the "river". 

Jack in the Box

The preschool students can't seem to get enough scarf activities! They ask to do them over and over again. This is a new one that I found that I plan to introduce this week: 

Fundamentals of Music

I've also incorporated some of the activities from Tales of a Musical Journey into my preschool music classes. The students have used the rhythm circles, played a xylophone to show the clown walking up and down the stairs, and arranged animals from low to high sounds. 

Two Little Blackbirds

I've used several rhymes with these puppets, and then I let the students use them to act out the rhymes with me. They adore these puppets, and I definitely need to add more of them to my collection!