Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's Summer!

Summer is my favorite season; I look forward to warm weather, cold drinks, and wearing flip-flops all year long! Due to vacations, weddings, and other important events that often take place at this time of year, my teaching schedule is a little lighter than usual, meaning I have time to plan new and exciting things for next year!

New Student Kits

Several new student interviews are coming up this month, and I've implemented a fun way to welcome them into my studio: 

 I purchased simple, yellow (because it's summer!!!) gift bags from the local Dollar Tree and decorated them with glittery musical notes. I filled each bag with several goodies that will give new students a great start in my studio:

1. Silly Putty

Each kit includes a container of Silly Putty. I have personally used Silly Putty as part of my finger warm-up routine for years, and decided to implement it as part of my students' lessons this year. I created bookmarks with the finger warm-up instructions on them, and laminated them (with my newest studio tool!!!). 

2. Metal Kazoo

Like Silly Putty, kazoos are considered classic toys. It is really important for aural development for students to try singing the melodies and parts that they are learning to play on the piano. Some of my students enjoy singing; others (especially my boys) feel a little self-conscious when they have to sing in front of others. I have used kazoos in the past to put my more timid singers at ease. They LOVE humming melodies into a kazoo!

3. Miniature Animals

Each kit contains 7 animals, one for each letter of the musical alphabet. I have my own set that I use in lessons, and many students have asked if they can keep the animals! Hopefully, my new students will enjoy having their own set at home to use as they explore music and the piano.

4. Small Notebook & Marker

Notebooks are useful for creating reminders and lists during the lesson. Markers are pretty and much more fun to use than a boring, old pencil!

5. Toys

In celebration of summer, I also included a sun-catcher craft kit, bubbles, music themed stickers, and googly-eyed finger puppets. 

I topped off each kit with one of my business cards. 

Other Studio Updates

Inspired by this wonderful season, I freshened up the studio, finished some much needed organizing, and finally hung some pictures and other decorations on the walls!

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