Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Practice Tips for the Piano

Practicing the piano is a skill. It takes a lot of focus, discipline, and planning ahead. Here are some helpful tips on effectively practicing the piano that I've learned from my teachers over the years:
  1. Always warm up first! Warm-ups are usually simple exercises with the purpose of warming up your muscles and developing your technique.
  2. Practice with full concentration every day. Even 10 minutes can go a long way when you are completely focused.
  3.  Count aloud as you play.
  4. Practice slowly and precisely.
  5. Schedule your practice sessions. Try to choose a time when your mind is fresh. When you know that you ALWAYS practice after you arrive home from school, you will be more likely to practice consistently.
  6. Immediately fix your mistakes. If you make a mistake, practice the section with the mistake slowly. Gradually play faster until you are up to tempo without making mistakes.
  7. Make a recording of yourself practicing and listen to it carefully.
  8. Mark your music as needed!

 Following these tips will help you to become a better pianist and musician J Happy practicing!    

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